Rover's Services

Every dog benefits from regular grooming. It not only keeps your pet looking fabulous, it also helps promote a healthier skin and coat. Your dog will be inspected for any health concerns. Any findings will be reported to you. Included with all Spa visits, human grade premium shampoos & conditioners, fragrance, bows or bandannas.

  • Mini Spa - consists of a bath, conditioner, blow dry, nails, anal glands, ears cleaned and sanitary clip
  • Regular Spa - consists of a Mini Spa plus hair styling
  • Mega Spa - consists of a Regular Spa plus nail grinding and teeth brushing
  • Medicinal Shampoo - treatment for dry itchy skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, flea removal ($3)
  • Flea Treatment - Natural organic flea product that is highly effective at killing fleas compatible with all flea medications starting at $6
  • Teeth Brushing - enzymatic pet tooth paste helps reduce tarter and bad breath ($8)
  • Nail Filing - removes sharp edges after trimming ($4)
  • Nail Grinding - this process takes the nail back to the quick. It will be smooth and rounded ($20). With grooming or bathing services ($12).
  • Nail Polish - $8
  • Sheds - less program - any short or double-coated breed will shed-less. The hair life-span of these breeds is only a few days. Our multi-step program leaves your golden, labs, etc. almost shed free ($10 - $30)
  • Cage Free Service - Your best friend never has to wait in a cage. A set appointment time has your puppy ready in as little as 1 hour. Any Spa groom plus $15.