Rover's Daycare

A Rover-iffic place to play and socialize with my Rover Pals. Rover Daycare benefits mind, body and spirit. A tired dog is a good dog!! Your Pal will burn off all that extra energy while at Rover Daycare's indoor and outdoor play areas. Rover Daycare will help Pet Pals with separation issues. A day at Rover Daycare means your Pet Pal is cared for and never alone. Pet parents will have worry-free days without accidents, chewing, digging and damaging homes or yards. A place where dogs enjoy playing with their friends and go home ready to relax. All Pet Pals will be pre-screened for acceptance in daycare.

Rover's Daycare Fees

Full Day
4 hours or more

Half Day
less than 4 hours

$25 per dog

$12 per dog

Pre-paid Packages

10 Days

15 Days

30 Days

50 Days

$230 ($23/day)

$330 ($22/day)

$600 ($20/day)

$900 ($18/day)