Rover's Sleep Overs

Boarding Rates

Type of Run

# of Dogs

Price Per Night

Luxury Bedroom






Premium Run






Daycare with Boarding



Pre-Paid Boarding Packages

All packages are for 1 pet. Each additional pet from the same mousehold is $25 per night. Rover reserves the right to determine if it is safe to board family dogs together.

Bedroom Suite Packages

Type of Package

# of Nights


Bedroom Suite

15 Nights

$570 ($38/night)


30 Nights

$1050 ($35/night)

Run Packages

15 Nights

$495 ($33/night)


30 Nights

$900 ($30/night)

Packing for Overnight

All pets are fed as they would be at home.
Bringing your pets own food is recommended.
(Sudden change in diet can upset their digestive system)

Mon - Fri: All boarding dogs must be checked in by 5:00pm.
Saturday: All boarding dogs must be checked in by 4:00pm.
Sunday: Dropoff and Pickup by appointment only - 5:00 - 6:00pm.